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Suzie Carries A Chair with Her Breasts


Only someone like a mega-boobed dream milf like Suzie can do this. After showing off her huge breasts with no bra under her top she unleashes them. Suzie goes over and carries a big chair under her tits. Truly incredible!

Suzie Bikini Bathroom


Showing off my massive tits in bikini tops.

Suzie Big Tits Milf Talks Sexy


Your favorite dirty talking milf is here to make you cum. Her boobs are more swollen than ever.

Do Women Actually Have Boobs This Small


I got some new outfits in the mail today so I figured I'd try them on for the camera. Well the first dress is really nice and could be worn out to dinner. The second dress I think I would wear to the beach with my swimsuit underneath. The third was lingerie. I was so shocked to see the cups on this one so tiny. It's a size 3x how in the world are the cups that small. Do women that size really have boobs that tiny. It barely covers my areolas. I'm busting out all over no matter how much I try to tuck my tits in this top it's just not working.

Suzie Out To Dinner Dresses


Trying on a few dresses I would wear if we were to go out to dinner, of course they show a lot of cleavage and my huge hour glass figure. They are form fitting and tight. I like them all so you would have to pick which you liked the best. Ooops I almost forgot to show off my huge tits. I know some of you enjoy seeing me fully clothed but you'd also love to see those fat titties of mine.

Your Womens Body Is Nothing Like Mine


There's no women built like me. I have a unique shaped body. Your woman's body doesn't compare to mine. I get any man I want. My big tits and huge ass make men weak. They give in to all my demands. I have a huge hour glass shape with so many big curves. Men desire curves on woman. Your with the wrong woman. That's why you come to me for satisfaction. I have all you desire. This new bikini shows off all my assets. Look how my long fat tits swing while you fuck me from behind.

Watching Porn With Mom


Mom talks you into watching porn with her. You tell her you don't think it's right and she asks why. You tell her because you get excited watching porn. Well she agrees and tells you there is nothing wrong with getting excited, that's what porn is for she says. She talks you into masturbating together. At first your resist but of course you have to give in cause your so damn hard.

Suzie Says Dont Be Shy


Suzy entices you to play with her. She knows it will take some encouragement since your so shy. She's wearing a spaghetti string top with her jeans while teasing you. She takes it a step further and changes into a shinny silver bikini top and now you just can't resist any longer. You just have to jerk your dick as you watch her swing right out of the bikini top.

Suzie Confession To Your Aunt


You wanted to talk to your aunt so you pay her a visit. She was confused as to why you couldn't talk to her on the phone. Then you start complimenting her and she is suspicious that you are probably going to ask her for money or tell her you got some pregnant. But that isn't the case at all. You confess to her that you are attracted to her big luscious boobs. You ask her a favor to see them. She is very surprised but she indulges in your fantasy.

Suzie 44K in Empty Your Bank Account


I'll empty your wallet and bank account. Your so weak and give in to my every demand. You crave my massive tits so much you'll do anything to have them.

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