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Lick My Stinky Furry Armpits


Suzy hasn't shaved in awhile so she has some hair, not much since she isn't that hairy. Smell those stinky pits. She wants you to lick her armpits. Isn't she stinky?

Grannys New Nightie


You tell granny how much you like her new nightie. She is surprised you like it. Then you start to flatter her some more with nice compliments. Eventually you talk her into taking it off and show you her big saggy heavy tits. She is reluctant at first but she finally gives in to you requests.

Granny Cleans Out Her Bra Draw


Suzie talks you through as the sexy gilf showing off her big tits and bras.

Do You Like This Big Body


Suzy encourages you to jack your dick while she talks dirty to you, showing off her big fat body. She is wearing short shorts and lacey lingerie.

Step M Thinks Your Sick


Step m is cleaning and you try to convince her to show you her boobs but she gets annoyed. Step m calls you names and thinks your a sick bastard. She continues to refuse your request but finally gives in to you.

Floral Panties For Stepson


Stepmom knows how much you like flora panties so she bought 3 new pairs. She tries them on for you over her pantyhose.

Boss Smoking in the Office


You had asked your boss if you could watch her smoke the next times she has a cigarette in her office. She found that request strange but she was willing to oblige. You confess to her that you have a smoking fetish. She had no clue that you actually get turned on by it but she found it erotic also.

Spy Cam on Your Step M


You set up a spy cam to watch your step m. Here is what you found.

Step S Buy Step M A New Bodysuit


Step S loves to make his stepm look sexy. This time he buys her 2 bodysuits in 2 different sizes. Which one do you think fits her best?

Pantyhose and Saggy Sexy Titties


Rub your dick to sexy mature mild Suzie as she puts on pantyhose and shows off her beautiful big boobs.

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